What current Android tablets have an NFC reader in front?

I’m looking for an Android tablet with an NFC reader. Usually these readers are placed at the backside of the tablet.

However, I want to wall-mount the tablet. So having the antenna in the back is not good because the user then would need to place his phone behind the wall-mounted table to give the NFC signal. It would be much easier, if the antenna would be placed near the front panel.

I’m aware of an older Stack Overflow question asking the same. Unfortunately the ‘Samsung Google Nexus 10’ recommended in that question is not for sale any longer.

I also found some no name tablets offering a front antenna, but I’m hoping there is also tablet from a well known brand.

I was also thinking if there are any tablets with NFC readers in the back, that are strong enough to read from a phone placed in front of the tablet.

Does anybody know a tablet I could use?