What happened to Bitcoin Core v0.20.1?

About 11 days ago, I updated to v0.20.1 of Bitcoin Core from their “official” website (https://bitcoin.org/en/download).

Ever since, it’s been syncing every day but just keeps lagging behind. Now it had reached 11 days, so I went to the same website to check if there’s a new version which fixes the bug (which I assume is present in this version).

I was shocked to see not a v0.20.2, but rather: bitcoin-0.20.0-win64-setup.exe

It’s gone back to v0.20.0… I felt a cold sensation down my spine, fanatically checking the GitHub issues for any clue that v0.20.1 was a “dud” or something, but found not one mention of it.

Now I’m starting to wonder if what I got was actually malware or something. Why would they just revert to an old version and pretend as if the v0.20.1 one never happened? It makes me feel uneasy to say the least. I installed the old version now, but so far, it still says the same thing:

Processing blocks on disk… 11 days behind…

This kind of thing is what makes me very worried about Bitcoin’s future. With all the scams and scumbags everywhere, constantly trying to steal Bitcoins and/or give Bitcoin a bad name, the last thing we need is for the “official” project/client to be this flimsy and unstable. If I, a Bitcoin fanatic, gets this worried, what would an old granny be? She probably would never recover from this state, perpetually unable to make Bitcoin payments because Bitcoin Core has “locked” somehow.

I frankly don’t know what to do now other than wait and hope for it to finish doing whatever it’s doing. It seems locked/frozen again. I don’t dare to click anything inside its GUI window because that tends to make it crash.

Update: At least it now, with the old version, slowly climbs down in the number of days left.