What happens if I bring 100+ of the same item in my luggage with the intention of selling?

They’ll let you fly. And make you fly home!

Entering a foreign country is not a right, unless you are a citizen there.

They’ll let you board the plane. But either at your destination or enroute, you will have to go through Immigration (which is looking at you) and Customs (which is looking at your stuff).

You will be asked the purpose of your trip, and whether you have anything to declare. If you disclose that you have all those perfumes and that you are there to sell them, then Immigration will refuse you entry into the country because you are entering on a visa that doesn’t allow that kind of trading.

If you do not disclose both things, then Customs will pull you aside because of what they saw on the X-ray, and they will make you open up your bags et voilĂ . Now caught, you will be taken back to Immigration, who will refuse you for above reasons, and also deception. Deception is a show-stopper in immigration, it typically results in a very long ban.

You must now pay walk-up prices for a flight home.

You do not get to enter the country. You must now immediately book an immediate flight home. You will most likely be spending time until the flight in the immigration detention area.

The airline that flew you there is obliged to take you back, but can charge you any price they please. Typically that is “full-boat retail” – as you may know, most airline tickets are heavily discounted. It might be free if you have a full-service ticket that allows date changes and you are able to reach their ticket desk and change it. But discount travelers usually don’t spend the money for those.

Regardless, most likely you will be spending the time from now until the return flight inside the immigration interview/detention area. And then be escorted to the gate at the relevant times.

If you are lucky, the state may allow to stay in the international departures area of the airport (including any hotel there) until flight time.

If you are very, very lucky, they will grant you entry solely to wait for the flight at a normal hotel “in town”. This is a trap! It’s awesome data for them: if you comply, they know you’re trying. If you flake out, then forget ever getting a visa approved.

“But I don’t need to apply for a visa! My country has a visa waiver agreement!” Heh heh.

More repercussions

If you came in on a visa waiver, you won’t be doing that anymore because of the refusal, and must now apply for a visa for any future trips. Applying for visas is expensive. It will also prejudice your entry into other countries with which this country shares data.