what is the best database for my case? 0 0 upvotes

For my use case, my data is very structured, basically just
time int, id int, value1 int, value2 int, … value 5 int.
I don’t have complex data structure but I just have a lot lot of rows, in the Terrabytes/Petabytes level.. So it still fit into big data…. my query would include

select * from db
where time > some value


select * from db
where id is in some_tuple( a list of 2500 ids) and time> some_value


with db_shift as
(select time-1000 as time_shift, * from db )
(then perform as_of_merge between db and db_shift , by time on id )

I prefer consistency over availability. What is the best database for me? Shall I use nosql big dataframe work?