what is the best heating systems to use in factories and like that?

Today, due to the need of manufacturers and factories for optimal heating system, they have always thought of a type of heating that has several advantages, such as: lack of useful space, low fuel and electricity consumption, high efficiency, high safety in extinguishing Fire, heating stalls and several other major reasons that made us think of designing a special type of heating system.check our website!

Radiant heating is a unique technology for heating indoor as well as outdoor environments. A clear example of this type of heating is the sunlight, which we feel due to the distance of 73.50 million kilometers from the earth’s surface. In fact, the feeling of the sun’s heat is induced through electromagnetic waves. If we consider that 100% of sunlight passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and shines on the Earth, approximately 65% of it is absorbed by the Earth and 35% of it is reflected and released from the atmosphere and transferred to other planets or to a vacuum. This causes the objects on the surface of the earth to heat up and eventually move everywhere, inside the house and the objects in the environment, and we also feel the warmth of the sun many times over.

The radiant heating system uses the same pattern to heat its environment with electromagnetic waves.


In this model, electromagnetic waves are reflected back to radiation at any point, thus heating all objects under the radiant umbrella and conveying their heat inductively to the environment, which causes the blind areas of the radiant umbrella to become hot air. It seems.

As a result of this technology, there is practically no air movement and it always has clean heat, which prevents the formation of dew on the leaves in greenhouses and prevents the formation of dust in industrial places.

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Here are the different components of a radiant heating device:

  • Blowing torch that has the power to throw a flame up to 6 meters.
  • Aluminized pipe to which the burner is attached and its length can be increased from 4 meters to 17 meters in length.
  • The reflector is made of aluminum sheet along the tube and only its southern side is open so that electromagnetic waves can move down the hall.
  • A sheet about 1.5 meters long is placed in a curved step inside and at the end of the pipe to prevent heat loss and return the waves to different parts of the pipe, which increases the heat and prevents energy loss.
  • The chimney is installed at the end of the pipe and the combustion gases are directed out.
  • Greenhouse protector and net protection

Technical specifications of radiant heaters

Components of radiant heaters

Blower burner: All components of the burner are produced in Novin Garma Company and its blower type was tested and tested for the first time in Iran by Novin Garma Company and it was obtained with very good results. Here are the technical specifications of the burners according to your needs. You can see. A few examples of the result is the increase in the length of the flame and the blowing of oxygen to the nozzle, which causes no incineration and correction in after-sales service, so that in other radiation systems due to their suction (placing the suction fan at the end Pipe) needs an experienced expert to provide the service. However, in the type of blower that is specific to Novin Garma Company, the installation expert can open and service the burner in the shortest possible time, or a person with initial familiarity can send it to the company to provide the service.

The gas valve used in the burner is of the SIT Group 845 two-stage type, which is in accordance with the latest technology in Europe.

Aluminized pipes: Novin Garma Sanat Company, with a history of related work since 2004, has done extensive research in the field of using various types of industrial pipes in radiation systems, and in all its projects, it uses special pipes made of aluminized steel. Due to the aluminized coating, this type of pipe has a high resistance to rust and has less corrosion against temperatures higher than 450 degrees Celsius, and their reflectivity is many times higher than other pipes.

Radiant heaters are named U and L. In the U model, which derives its name, two reciprocating tubes are used in parallel, and in the L model, a single-line tube is used for smaller workshops. Or greenhouses can be used.


Reflector: Made of aluminum sheet and reflects 99% of the heat reflected from the pipes to the ground.


Greenhouse protector: As the temperature of the aluminizing tube rises to 600 ° C in the first few meters, the chances of burning the plant leaves are very high. To prevent this, a sheet is placed under the first few meters of the aluminizing tube to prevent excessive heat radiation and reflect it around.


Lace protector: In stadiums and sports halls, to prevent the ball from hitting and possible injuries, a mesh net is installed under the entire device.

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Heating positioning: In some workshops and factories, due to work shifts, managers are required to maintain the temperature of the work environment during the day and night. In the convection heating systems that were used before, in order to keep the environment warm, the whole system must be left on to maintain the heat of the whole area.