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Each of the elements involved in a visual inspection plays a fundamental role and this is known to all manufacturers of image processing systems, which is why they always work with other people, for example with manufacturers of image processing cameras, to achieve a fairly clear and pure image and recognize errors faster and more accurate than was possible in the past.

While there are many elements involved in visual inspection, some are more crucial than others, along with customer requirements, such as: For example, with regard to the needs of those interested in performing the visual inspection, machine manufacturers of image processing systems configure the processes and manufacturers of image processing cameras to place their devices in order to achieve all of their proposed goals.

It is a program responsible for processing and analyzing all information collected by cameras and sensors in visual inspection machines. The program is responsible for being specific, taking measurements, and discarding the parts that show damage that interferes with their function. In this way you can quickly determine which parts are considered ideal and which are not, and you start to get all the information and also the useful pieces to classify that were left over from the whole process.

The image software currently being developed is able to perform a large list of comparison and classification tasks in a very precise manner, and you can program virtually anything with it. For this reason, the development of such a program is required in a visual system inspection is crucial to the result, all manufacturers of image processing systems take this into account.

Many machine vision system manufacturers know that image processing is critical in determining the final results to be displayed. Therefore, quite sophisticated software is required, which is responsible for including or excluding parts under the specified parameters. These are rarely included Manufacturers of image processing cameras have therefore made it common practice for manufacturers of image processing systems to develop image software.