What Type of Business Should I Start As?

I suggest you to go for LLC.

If your business currently operates as a sole proprietorship, changing to an LLC is in your best interest. For a variety of reasons-including the fact that an LLC protects the owners from the debts of and any judgments against the business-it’s the preferred form of business organization.

Until recently, the corporate form of business organization provided the only protection to entrepreneurs from the dangers of unlimited personal liability exposure. With the advent of the LLC form, business owners can now enjoy protection from any present and future liabilities or judgments against the business without having to incorporate. Furthermore, as the LLC form developed and became more widely accepted by individual states, the considerable tax benefits of the LLC form became even stronger.

For individual business owners, the LLC offers a one-person LLC form, which is taxed as a sole proprietorship. In addition to offering the owner all-important limited personal liability exposure, the LLC retains important tax benefits of the sole proprietorship, such as: owner compensation in the form of distributions of profit, which are taxed at the individual owner’s potentially lower marginal tax bracket (the tax rate applicable to the next dollar of taxable income the owner earns); and pass-through of business losses, offsetting the owner’s other nonbusiness income.

I hope it is helpful to you.