What’s the best roguelike to start modding for a novice programmer, or should i write my own?

I assume the answer is Angband since my knowledge of roguelikes has roots in the old school, but Angband is ancient and retro. If the answer is Angband, then which version? I’m hoping there’s something designed to be bare-bones and mod-friendly but my google fu reveals school projects or game development environments. Maybe i should just gin something up in a development environment but i was hoping to not have to learn or think too much; But if that’s the right answer then which environment/tool/whatever? I’m language agnostic but my main machine is Windows.

I’ve got a specific project in mind (adapting VEINS OF THE EARTH) with specific goals i need, want and expect will be beyond my attentivity. I’ve looked for exactly the guides i want but maybe there’s a community i should be searching specifically rather than trusting google? All advice welcome.

Assume the querent has limited/rusty experience writing code but little experience with big projects or, like, compiling for specific environments. Lately i’ve been messing around with arduinos with good results but i keep digging into processor spec sheets and directly accessing registers because it’s the “Right” way in my head. I want to avoid that.

OH: Big followup question is should i ask this on general stackoverflow to hit a bigger audience or will they tell me to go here?