What’s your OPINION about Proxies-free? | Proxies-free

Hey there,
Glad to see that this thread exists, as I wanted to give my opinion about BMF.

Overall, i’m really pleased by BMF. It’s visually really good-looking (that note of green is really pleasant) and well built. I would have some suggestions for you, though.

Setting-up more sections about different domains
It sure is a good thing to talk about webdesign and internet marketing while drinking your fifteenth 2.5%beer that your third hand is holding, but I think that we should be able to discuss about much more than this. Health, games in general, music, movies.. There’s so many threads to cover and so much things to discuss about that I would, personally, love to be able to.

Removing or moving the xbScrollButtons

I do appreciate the fact that we can get to the top or bottom of the website in less than a second within 1 click, but for lower screen resolutions, it does go over the forums and I’m personally and honestly being annoyed by this. I would suggest being able to either remove it, or have it somewhere on the header.

Standalone “Announcements” section
Announcements must be considered something as quite important, as much for websites than for forums. Therefor, I would also suggest to make it a standalone and independant section. Something like this :

Sorry if I seem to be harsh or anything, but i’m trying to be as honest as possible in order to make my suggestions appear to be quite serious. If you do appreciate this, i’ll come up with some other suggestions along my stay on BMF.