Where is the location of the file that stores Mac keyboard shortcuts?

This file is used to edit or add special shortcuts that don’t appear in the Mac menu bar or System Preferences. Some examples:

Ctrl-b → Move back one character
Ctrl-f → Move forward one character
Option-b → Move back one word
Option-f → Move forward one word

Editing this special shortcut text file made these commands work throughout all Mac applications. No issues still works! However, I am unable to locate this file’s path again now that some time has passed. I want to fiddle with it some more.


  • Plain text file.
  • The file in somewhere in ~/Library. No idea on the name.
  • Not looking for the System Preferences keyboard shortcuts.
  • Not the same file that stores the System Preferences keyboard shortcuts. (hard-part)
  • Editing this file will change the shortcut across all Mac applications, e.g. Safari, Notes, Finder, Pages, etc. This won’t effect 3rd party apps. This behavior is desirable.