Where to sell Litecoin? | Proxies-free

Litecoin is it is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and it was released in the online market in 2011.

If you are the owner of this valuable cryptocurrency and if you like to sell a portion or all the amount of Litecoins you are holding, we are here to recommend you the best platforms, where you can trade them for real cash.


1. Coinbase

Coinbase was founded in San Francisco, in 2012. It is open in 32 countries and offered its services to over 12 million clients.

Coinbase is accessible for Android and iPhones as well and has a higher rating from the users, due to the reliability and trustworthiness of the platform.

On the platform you can choose the Litecoin options, as this is the cryptocurrency you want to sell, and you have to go to the “Deposit to” tab and select your USD wallet or your bank account, where you want to receive the cash for your transaction. After that you can return to the Sales page.

After hitting the “Sell” option, a confirmation list will appear showing you the rate, the withdrawal option, and the fees charged. If you are content with the showed results, you can proceed by confirming it.

Fees for selling cryptocurrencies at Coinbase are the following:
-$0.99 for selling at $10.99 and below
-$1.49 for selling from $11.00 up to $26.49
-$1.99 for selling from $26.50 up to $51.99
-$2.99 for selling from $52.00 up to $78.05

Funds withdrawals to a bank account can take up about a week, while cash transfers to the USD wallet are instant.

2. Litecoinlocal.net

It is excellent place to sell Litecoins directly to people. It is a P2P dedicated platform (person-to-person), where you can find traders all over the globe that want to buy Litecoins.

Here you can negotiate directly with buyer the price of the Litecoins you want to sell, you can choose the rate, and you can opt for the payment method as well.

First the buyer should send you the cash on the agreed payment method for your Litecoins, and mark the payment as complete. Once you have received the payment, now you can proceed sending the Litecoins to the buyer.

The fees charged are of 1% on the advertiser side if the trade was successful.

In addition, you can receive a positive rating from the buyer, if he is satisfied with the outcome of the transaction, which can help you in the future, gaining more trust score with potential buyers as well.

3. BTCDirect

BTCDirect offers its services for everybody within the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area).

In order to sell your Litecoins, you have to create an account on the platform and have a verified account as well by confirming your email address, your phone number, and by submitting proof of your ID card or passport.

You can now start a Litecoin sell order by clicking “Sell” on the homepage and by entering the amount of Litecoins you want to sell to BTCDirect. There will be an overview presented, you have to check or fill in your bank account information as well, where funds will be sent.

The fees on selling Litecoins are of 2% . However, the fees are already included in the price listed on the platform. For a bank transfer the fees are about €2.50 per transaction.

Usually, it takes up about 2 business days for the funds to be transferred to a bank account.

You have a variety of options where to choose from, when it comes to selling cryptocurrencies online. Taking into account all the benefits different platforms are offering to you, you can choose the best one that fits your expectations.