Which USA visa do I need as a solo artist to work in the USA (dance performer)

I have a dream about coming to the USA after my studies at the end of 2021 and work as a dancer for a few weeks/months.

A short info:
I am a freelance dancer from Germany.
By dancing I mean gogodancing(no strip!)/showdance/different props like hula hoops, entertainment, I also create my own small shows.

Now the question: What kind of visa do I need to come to the US and be able to work there as a dancer?

Here is what I found out: https://www.visapro.com/resources/article/us-visa-for-artists-and-entertainers/

  • B1 also for artists: I guess its not possible to work with that visa
  • P visas: different kinds of visas, but I´m neither a famous artist (yet), nor am I a group or exchange dancer.
    P3 sounded closest as far as I understood it.
    To be eligible for the P3 visa, you must be coming to the U.S. to perform, teach, or coach in a specific field such as a unique or traditional ethnic, cultural, musical, folk, artistic, or theatrical performance or presentation. You must prove that:
    A: You are coming to the U.S. to develop, understand, promote or facilitate a culturally unique art form

    Is gogo dancing and entertainment something that falls under this category?

Which visa is the best for my purpose?

Any advice appreciated 🙂

In case its important: I have a newspaper article about me (german language) and I dance in a german crime series (Soko Potsdam) and perform in a famous club (Club Matrix Berlin). Also I won 2 talent/dance competitions from the university.

Thank you all in advance and wish you a great day <3