WHMCS without WHM? | Web Hosting Talk

Our requirement is a bit tricky so I would appreciate experts chiming in.

Our business model is to manage domains on clients’ behalf, and provide them its access. Due to pricing and promos, we use multiple registrars and figured that we can connect WHMCS with the registrar modules, everything is sorted till here.

Now, what we want is to give (create) one WHMCS account per client to manage their domains. The client would never have any requirement of hosting, nor will there be any new orders. We will just push the domains to WHMCS’ customer account for them to manage. The domains would still reside in our master account at the respective registrar.

The way we understood WHMCS is: It creates a cpanel account for every customer, and what not. Which requires WHM.

Since all we want to manage is bare “Domains”, can there be any setup to use WHMCS for this, without involving web hosting or any of the usual stuff?