Who do you work with in credit card / debit card processing? (UNITED KINGDOM)

We've been with WorldPay since our inception and have no real complaints, but it's not very user friendly for the end user (eg our customers) and it's actually the same interface as our original login! It seems like it just did not go on at all.
It is a bit dated and complicated to update card details, and there is still very limited information that you can get from the API for fees, etc., for a fee. We also have PayPal on offer – customers expect that and it's fantastic in terms of usability (but the fees are pretty high!). By using this account with WHMCs, you can easily view the fees you have paid for each transaction and make life easier for the accountant.

Who do you work with and would you recommend them? Stripe seems to be the only real alternative, but the fees are still quite high and it's quite difficult to talk to anyone. I seem to send you an e-mail and a week later I talk to someone else, so it's very difficult to complete a deal.
I understand that they are trying to come up with a flat rate model, but for our customers, I'd rather have fees related to the type of card used (eg flat rate for a debit card in the UK). Should I consider someone else?