Who is & # 39; Monica & # 39; and why should we support them (changed usernames with added & # 39; support Monika & # 39;)

This has nothing to do with travel, just as "supporting Monica" has nothing to do with traveling, but I've noticed in the last few days that many usernames have suddenly added this extra "Monica support".

Because the extra effort involved in typing (especially on mobile devices) should not be disregarded by references to usernames.

It would be better that (for those like me who do not know who the referenced "Monica" is) about the reason why should be explained.

  • @ DavidSupportsMonica
  • @ColumbiasaysReinstateMonica
  • @MarkMayoSupportsMonica

as 2 different examples of Monica-based user names

The reason why other users have to deal with this complicated naming convention is also welcomed.

Freedom of expression is one thing

  • impose other inconveniences (who do not know the reason)

Unfortunately, this topic shifts from the original Forum (where they are causes through the problem) and Who does not see this forum is not helpful.

The first comment removed from the move indicates the cause of the problem

This information should be made available to those affected and

That should not be closed because the other questions do not address the problem that are affected by the problem

  • I do not have that weakest hint What is this about?

The Caution assumes that this can be understood as a form of censorshipif you want to insure

  • that those affected remain uninformed