Why do rape victims call themselves survivors?

Propaganda of a horse-shit has convinced everyone that they "should mentally switch from victim to survivor mentality" and that they do not want to "play the role of the victim." But this proposal is propaganda against the victims of crime in and of itself. A victim is not a "role people play or a mentality" they fall into. When someone commits a crime against another person, the person he has committed a crime by definition is called a victim. The criminal is by definition the criminal. It comes from the society that behaves as if everyone against whom a crime was committed was to "shut up and just survive!" No, they should not make you feel like a victim, that's what the criminals are doing and if they do not get it back they will never stop because they do not realize that they do not like being treated that way do not do it with others, I do not say rape for a rape, but I say a ruined one Life, either a prison or preferably death.