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Once upon a time there was a question for me. Is it still possible to visit a site without pop-ups, not constantly wanting to email me, or trying to sell me something? In my opinion, can I set up a free forum site? To find the answers I'm looking for in my project discovery in the gloomy world of, "Create your own website for free." I found the following and quickly switched from a forum to an article-based blog.

Backlinks. Everyone wants them, but as a first contribution, we briefly delve into the grim world of popularity.

First, let's bring the bad news.

Forum PromotionIn case you do not want to get any further

First, forums are becoming increasingly popular, and that is partly because they are a niche platform for issues.

Second, Google will not faint over the content of individual sentence comments. Google is searching for quality content with Google updates for Hummingbird (and other animal-related updates). What information and knowledge do you have in your specific forum topic that sets the world on fire and causes others in your niche to recognize you as the leading expert and link to you? The rhetorical answer is probably "none", and for that reason no link is made to you.

Third, as much as everyone loves their knitting patterns, they will not become viral no matter how many backlinks you have.

If you want to advertise in the forum, you will proverbially whip out a dead horse. You can have any number of links to pre-World War I cigar lighter collectors' forums and cat appreciation companies, but you know, and Google knows that's not going anywhere.

Forum recognitionIn case you do not want to get any further

There is a business claim that goes as follows: "90% of the business is marketing and 10% is sales." Linking to your own forum by writing an article on free authoritative websites such as academia.edu, google + and Issuu is worth fifty backlinks compared to links from other unknown forums. Google takes note of links from websites like these. Join other sites that relate to your forum content and link them to a link to your own website. You do not have any long-form articles in your forum yet, but you expect search engines to send you viral comments, such as: "Yes, I think World of Warcraft is good too."

Will my forum be viral?In case you do not want to get any further

The answer is no! Forums are fine, depending on what you want. As a hobby, learning pleasure or niche subject they are ideal. For example, you might even want to write about your professional skills and create a visual CV portfolio and attach a link to your resume that others may want to address and acquire the knowledge they need for themselves. Maybe you think that others might be interested in your passion for yoga? Or did you travel a lot? Food is always popular … That's fine, but you will not get thousands of visitors a day, unless you're already famous or have a $ 1 million marketing budget. You will not be the next Facebook no matter how much effort you invest. Treat a forum as what it is, as a pastime.