Why does Bisq claim that my earliest receive address has been used in 10 transactions?

In the “Funds” tab, in the “Receive funds” sub-tab, there’s a long list of unused receive addresses (as expected). In the bottom, there’s a bunch of ones saying “Used in 1 transaction(s)”, again as expected…

But in the very bottom, there’s one that stands out by saying “Used in 10 transaction(s)”.

This makes me worried and anxious. Why was this not only reused, but reused nine times? I never did anything differently from how I trade/use Bisq today. That receive address must have been created when I created my Bisq wallet in early 2018.

Can somebody explain what the deal is with this? Has Bisq for some reason reused the same address and thus broken my blockchain privacy? Was it some kind of bug? Misunderstanding by me somehow?