Why does Electrum include seemingly unnecessary inputs in a transaction?

I want to make a payment of x BTC.

My Electrum wallet shows two “output points” in the Coins tab (with the same address). Both of these show an amount much larger than x BTC.

If go to the Send tab and start to make a payment to an address, then click “Pay…” and then “Advanced”, I can see two inputs, which seem to correspond to the two “output points” in the Coins tab and show the same amounts. The transaction size is 447 bytes. I abandon this transaction.

If I go to the Coins tab, right click on one of the two “output points” and choose “Spend”, Electrum shows a green banner saying “Coin control active”. If I start to make the same payment, the “Advanced” dialog now only shows one input and the transaction size is 226 bytes.

This looks to me as though I can make the same transaction and incur a smaller fee by using “coin control”. Am I missing something? Is there a disadvantage or risk to doing this? I’m thinking there must be, otherwise Electrum would just do it automatically.

I could understand needing two inputs to the transaction if x was more than the amount associated with each one of my two “output points”, but it isn’t.