Why is the user interface of Facebook Ads Manager so frustrating?

Here is the list of things that frustrate me.

  1. List of campaigns with horizontal scroll bar. You only need to scroll to see other information, and the other terms are in ellipsis.
  2. The home button. I expect it to bring me to my campaign list as it was the first screen I see when I click on the Facebook ad manager. Instead, it brings me to Business Home.
  3. Visit the list of campaigns and ads as a TABLE. Why can not you just add the Campaigns menu to the page navigation?
  4. The export option field is located behind the reduced page navigation. You can not see the entire field and no other labels.
  5. You want to unsubscribe? It is not on the top right of the screen. It is located at the bottom left and the title is "Your personal ad account ..". Her name is elliptical.

I'm sure Facebook can do better, it's just not what I expected.