Wi-Fi – Access AP Beacons from Android application

I was wondering if an Android app could have access to nearby beacon data, preferably while the phone is connected to an AP.

My ultimate goal is to read all (or most) bits of the frame body from (almost) all beacons of a particular (or known) AP located on a different channel than the channel of the AP to which the phone is assigned is. So I mean to receive almost every beacon that the AP sends (usually 10 Hz). Although I know that some beacons would be lost due to interference.

background: I know the monitoring mode, the scan request, the active and passive scan and the fact that the startup scan is outdated on Android. I've reviewed the Wifi RTT API, but it does not seem to provide any beacon information other than RSSI and BSSID.

Even if the phone is not connected to an AP, the chances do not seem big, as even a foreground app can only scan a few times in a minute. I am also not interested in scanning the full frequency range.

I understand that the question is too specific, but I would be open to any solution that accomplishes the purpose even remotely and a little bit.

Thank you for any hints or hints in advance!