wi fi – Zebra MC220K not working with local DNS server

I need help debugging something. My company recently purchased an Zebra MC220K, and it is unable to resolve internal DNS domains. I have tried all of the following:

  1. Forget the network.
  2. Enable / disable airplane mode.
  3. Change the wifi configuration to ‘static’ and manually put in the DNS server that we use.
  4. Install termux and doing a DNS lookup, which resulted in the correct ip should be referring to.
  5. Factory reset the device.
  6. Check a dozen other android devices (S8, S10, S20, Galaxy Tab, Google Pixel, etc), all of which work as expected.
  7. Run an android 10 vm, which also works as expected.

I am at a loss, I have no clue why I am still getting ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED when using Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Samsung Internet / Brave / Opera. Literally any browser throws this error, clearly indicating something wrong in the software.

Are there any other tests I should perform, or do I just yeet back the product because it doesnt work?