Will Canon DSLRs getting worse for getting started?

While Philip's answer talks about why you can not measure cameras of different levels without considering their price (the 2000D is the successor of the 1300D, while the 4000D is even a line below the 1300D / 2000D line), I would like reply:

Should they not improve / improve the entry level, so that more and more people with entry-level models can get into photography?

The most obvious and important limit to finding something for just about anyone is money, This can be seen in the history of photography. It was incredibly expensive in the beginning, so only wealthy people could become photographers. As understanding of the chemistry behind film emulsion and development has improved and the process has become more automated, photography has become cheaper, meaning more people could work with it.

Better products could lead people to migrate from older technology to this one For example, many professional photographers have been waiting for digital to be better suited for their use than movies before being adapted.

Cheaper products could cause people to enter something. If you can not afford (want or want) $ 5000 for a 1DX Mark II, you can still afford $ 385,000. Both take photos, both offer autofocus, both offer RAW support, both offer interchangeable lenses, both should have better image quality than a smartphone for the same price. Okay, I do not know a smartphone that sells for $ 5000, but you get the point 😉