windows 10 – Dual “monitor” issues

I have a 1080p monitor that I’ve been using and I also have a tv (1366×768). I am trying to run both through the GPU. I also cannot run one using the integrated graphics because I have a 2600x. On boot, I’m given bios screen and then windows loading screen on the TV, after that (at the login screen) it switches to the monitor and the PC/GPU can no longer detect the TV. ONE time while on my desktop on the monitor I plugged the TV in (turned off) into the GPU then turned the TV on and I had both displays working perfectly… For about 5 seconds. Then the tv went back to “no signal” and windows couldn’t detect the TV anymore. I’ve been searching for hours and I’ve tried a lot of different things with no success. If anyone has any ideas please help!

Updated to latest stable GPU driver and windows is fully updated.

Windows 10
Ryzen 2600x
TUF B450M Plus Gaming