windows 10 – How can I best go about approaching this issue of extracting URL links from an RSS feed?

I googled a lot before landing here but I can’t find anything that answers my question.

I essentially I want use my windows file manager to browse the latest RSS feeds as URL links that I can open in my own browser. I have my own competent file manager that will label, sort and automate the URL files and have a browser that will display pages exactly how I need them displayed.

Is there a Command line tool that is built to extract latest feed from an RSS and save them as individual URL files?

If not, can I do it with PowerShell?

To me, there does not seem to be more to it than getting latest RSS Feed and outputting them as individual URL files to a directory. Where I may have an issue is determining where the latest feed threshold would be, so I am not recreating duplicate URL files.

Any insight and potential pitfalls into this would be really appreciated. Thank you.