windows 10 – How do I log in with a password instead of PIN when ‘I forgot my PIN’ does not work?

I cannot sign into my account on family laptop (it has 3 accounts) since last Windows 10 updates. As an aside, 2 of the 3 accounts now have reverted to PIN sign-in, whereas before all 3 accounts had password sign-in before updates. My account now expects a PIN sign-in (I have never used; it always has been a password for me). When I select ‘I forgot my PIN’, a window opens that allows me to sign in to my microsoft account. Eventually Microsoft says ‘Something went wrong’ and in selecting skip or continue, it simply brings me back to PIN sign in. I come to realize, looking back in my email to July2019 that Microsoft sent me an email notification that my account has been closed ( I probably did this inadvertently when I got rid of Skype account due to being overwhelmed by spam/bot messages). Thus, I have just created a new Microsoft account associated with the same email. I also then had to add the laptop of concern to the account. So, after restarting the laptop, and again defaulting to PIN sign-in, the same ‘Someting went wrong’ happens. I also logged into my MS account and the family laptop is there as a device. PLEASE ASSIST!