windows 10 – How to use environment variables in a powershell pipeline?

The command

systeminfo | c:windowssystem32find.exe "System Type"


System Type:               x64-based PC

both in a Command Prompt window and in PowerShell.

Now suppose I want to make it independent from where the system resides (say, if I want to include this command in some guide for careless users or alike). I thought about invoking instead

systeminfo | %SystemRoot%system32find.exe "System Type"

This works in a Command Prompt but not in PowerShell. In the latter, I have tried

systeminfo | $env:SystemRootsystem32find.exe "System Type"

but this gives the error

Expressions are only allowed as the first element of a pipeline.

I also tried

systeminfo | % $env:SystemRootsystem32find.exe "System Type"

but this produces an avalanche of errors like

% : Input name "C:WINDOWSsystem32find.exe" cannot be resolved to a method.

What is going on? How to do it properly?