windows 10 – How to use wget to download the website as a WARC file?

This is copied from Stack Overflow, as it was “off-topic” there:

I want to copy this site using wget and open it with

Right now, I’m using this set of commands: “C:UsersSchoolDownloadswget.exe” -E -H -r -k -K -p -e robots=off -U mozilla –no-cookies -P “C:UsersSchoolDownloadsTest” –warc-file=”C:UsersSchoolDownloadsTest” –no-warc-compression “”

This does successfully download a WARC file. However, when I go to open it, fails to open it. I tried 2 other WARC tools and they both also failed to open the file, so I think something is wrong with the file itself.

EDIT: I did find that Conifer did the job well, but I want to do it using a CLI.