windows 10 – My Bluetooth is disabled and I cannot re-enable it

So I usually use my headphones for audio but recently bought the BT Wireless CSR4.0 dongle to connect ym Marshmallow speaker to my pc. It worked for about 10 minutes then it cut out. Since then my pc won’t let me connect or remove my speaker, saying “bluetooth is disabled”. I also no longer have the slider in my settings to toggle bluetooth, AND the bluetooth option is gone from my notifications centre.
I have tried countless fixes: updating drivers, deleting my bluetooth drivers and rebooting for the reinstall, and yes even turning it off and on again. So far, nada.
Every forum I check has a hundred more different solutions for this issue so right now I’m lost as to what I should do. Any ideas? Because its pretty bullsh*t that mid-spotify sesh my bluetooth decides to commit seppuku on me….