windows 10 – Prevent hard disk from sleeping

I have an ASUS K550JX laptop.
Recently I replaced my hard disk with an SSD. I also took out my optical drive and replaced it with my old HDD (using a Hard disk caddy). But there’s a small but annoying issue that I’m facing right now.
Whenever the old hard drive isn’t in use (no reads or writes) it is turned off and when needed, it has to be turned on again which takes a few seconds and can cause a few seconds of waiting in whatever I’m trying to do (reading a PDF document can be very annoying as changing pages requires the old hard disk to get to speed).
My question is that is this done by the operating system?(I’m on windows 10) or is it a BIOS setting?(in which I didn’t find anything)
If this is done by the operating system is there any setting that I can change to prevent this?
I have changed a few settings in power options and turned off a few power saving features but they don’t seem to do anything useful.