Windows 10 script to delete files on desktop, but save shortcuts

Hi everyone I am super new to scripting and I am looking for a way to write a script that I can run at the end of the day that will delete all files saved to the local computer specifically from documents, pictures, desktop, etc. I also want shortcuts to be saved, so the script should be able to determine the file type and delete it or skip it. I am not sure if this is even possible through a script or not. I have been scouring the internet searching for an answer. The first part is straight forward, and have found an answer to that, but I can seem to find an answer to the second part. Saving the shortcuts.

echo deleteing file

del "C:UserslocaluserDownloads*.*" /f /q

echo DONE!

Above is the script I am using to delete the files.

I appreciate any guidance you may have for me.