windows 10 – Second monitor does not display

I’m using my laptop with an external monitor. My main display is the external monitor. Display mode is ‘Extend’.

After I boot my laptop, I cannot see anything. Just two black screens. It seems like external monitor is getting a signal, because it prompts “HDM1” box, but nothing else. I type my windows pin blindly and press enter. Then the laptop screen starts working, I can see my windows desktop. I change display mode to ‘Duplicate’. Otherwise, the external one does not display. After my desktop is displayed on the external monitor, I switch display mode to ‘Extend’ and it’s done. Everything works as it’s supposed to. I have to do the same routine, if laptop sleeps.

Anyone has an idea why it’s happening? I’m tired of doing this routine everyday few times.

What I tried:
Updating the drivers.
Ctrl+Shift+Win+B to restart graphics driver.
Another HDMI cable.
Another laptop with different OS. (I can use the monitor with macbook without a problem)

What I have:
Windows 10, Asus fx705du, gtx 1650ti, 4k external monitor.