windows 10 – Where is my bitlocker .BEK file?

I have an internal hard drive– my G drive–(Win10) that behaves differently from all my other drives in regards to bitlocker (both internal and portable USB drives). First, I can’t do anything through the bitlocker UI in Win10; I have to do things through the manage-bde command line. So I figured out how to get it encrypted via command line by doing this:

manage-bde -on G: -RecoveryKey F:

I’m not sure what the F: does; it seems to do nothing. But when I omit -RecoveryKey F:, I’m unable to run the following after drive encryption without getting an error:

manage-bde -protectors -get g:

So, now when I run the above command I get the following:

BitLocker Drive Encryption: Configuration Tool version 10.0.19041
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Volume G: (C-BAK)
All Key Protectors

    External Key:
      ID: {1F82A2C4-9408-4422-92A0-ECA7D278D18B}
      External Key File Name:

      ID: {810D2BDB-A273-4C46-9CAC-DC4E17F65E6E}

Presumably that .BEK file is somewhere on my computer. But I cannot find it. It’s certainly not on my F drive, which is where I assumed the key would be stored.

Where can I find the .BEK file? Or alternatively, how can I find the bitlocker recovery key for my G drive?

I have read in a few places that the ‘.BEK’ is stored on a USB thumb drive. I put in a thumb drive (my OS forced me to encrypt it first with bitlocker to make it writable). I ran the above command again. No file written any place that I can find. No idea where that BEK file exists. Please help.

Thanks in advance for any advice.