windows 7 – Computer slows down majorly when Graphics Tablet is plugged in

This has been an issue for some weeks and I have been trying to search answers for.. I’ve got a graphics tablet a Huion H610PRO(2048) that is a few years old now and as I was drawing I heard the notification sound when a USB becomes Unplugged and then the sound for when it gets plugged back in.

not thinking much of it until my entire computer begins to slow down to a point I had no choice but to restart everything and even that took a while to happen.

Upon restarting my PC it would not fully boot up and would sit at the login screen where it says “Welcome” with an infinite loading wheel. 20 to 30 minutes pass before I made the decision to do a force restart which probably wasn’t the smartest idea. I decided after that to unplug everything besides my Keyboard and Mouse and it booted up just fine with no issue.

Inserting all my USB devices back in one at a time watching to see if anything happens and saving the tablet itself for last and upon putting the device in the same thing happens and my computer starts slowing down to a crawl where it takes 5 or more minutes for even the simplest of tasks such as going into the control panel/device manager.

After all that I decided to Uninstall all tablets drivers and reinstalling them and once more restarting and trying again only to have the same issue occur so I uninstalled the drivers once more and did a clean sweep of registry stuff with CCleaner to make sure leftover stuff was gone and then instead this time installing an older driver version on a CD that came with my graphics tablet.. once again nothing changes and everything still slows and chugs to where simple tasks are a long wait except this time in the taskbar it says it was installing the driver software but after about 20 minutes of waiting it came up saying it was unsuccessful.

I started thinking maybe my motherboard was the issue but no other USB device causes this issue or any issue at all.. just the Huion Tablet I’ve tried every USB port I could and even used a USB hub but it all results in the same

I’ve tried the tablet on my friends PC and everything worked fine no Chugging or slowdown on his system and we are both running Windows 7 the only weird thing to happen was that his open FireFox system usage shot up to near 100% for a few moments and then everything was fine after.

Another weird thing is this whole slow down thing persists even after the tablet is unplugged from the computer and only functions normally after restarting the pc so I’m guessing maybe something somewhere got corrupted during the sudden disconnect/reconnect.. a driver or some such but I haven’t got a clue which what to look for and what to monitor to narrow the search. Anyone have an idea?