windows – Batch File How to not print final space in a vbscript

I have a question about something I’ve been trying to figure out for at least a good hour.
I have a batch file that creates a small VBS script so that I can do some complex calculations (well, at least some that the command prompt won’t do).
The code is super simple

set /p APERTURE=Please enter f/stop aperture:
echo Wscript.Echo "Calculated APEX Value: ",round^(^(log^(%APERTURE%^)*^(2.0/log^(2.0^)^)*62500^)^),"/62500"
) >%temp%calculate.vbs
cscript //nologo %temp%calculate.vbs

but there is a small problem that annoys me to no end. The result shows as

Calculated APEX Value: 432429 /62500

when I really want it to show as

Calculated APEX Value: 432429/62500

Notice the space between the numbers.

This script runs on the latest version of Windows 10 (upgraded last night).