Windows Boot Manager entry persists in bios after windows 10 has been wiped

On a new PC I had only been using for a few weeks, there were some blue screen occurrences, general lag and multiple warnings from windows defender and Norton about malware, but after repeated scans and deleting the program that was triggering it, there wasn’t any AV that could detect anything. However, the lag on my new PC was still there.

Considering that there wasn’t much on the PC to begin with since it’s new, I wanted to do a fresh install to see if the problems would go away in case there was a rootkit.

I booted into windows 10 install USB, went into the command line and used “diskpart clean all” to wipe the drive (I only have 1 drive on this PC).

At this point, there should have been no operating system left, but when I went back to BIOS before trying to reinstall windows, I noticed that there was still a Windows Boot Manager entry. I’ve attached a pic

I thought this looked odd and I tried resetting the CMOS to refresh the bios, but this entry won’t go away. I attached a picture of what it looks like even though the only drive that’s connected to this PC is supposed to be empty after having been wiped with the Clean All command.

I did some research but couldn’t find other people with quite the same problem, and I’m also not sure if this is normal behaviour for gigabyte BIOS to continue showing a windows boot manager when nothing’s actually there anymore?