windows – Cannot find FortiShield service via Get-Service, net start

I’ve recently installed the FortiNet client and wanted to see what the “fortishield” service is. The weird thing is, I’m able to stop it and start it, but I cannot see it in the output of Get-Service in PS nor in net start.

I can also get it directly by name via Get-Service Name FortiShield.

Here’s the output from searching by name directly and searching in the list from Get-Service:

PS C:Windowssystem32drivers> Get-Service | Where-Object { $_.Name
-eq “FortiShield”}

PS C:Windowssystem32drivers> Get-Service -Name “FortiShield”

Status Name DisplayName
—— —- ———– Running FortiShield FortiShield

I’ve also verified that the above steps do work with the usual service, e.g. for “WSearch” both commands produce the same output. For some reason, it’s not the case for “FortiShield”.


It appears the “service” is actually a driver, therefore it’s hidden from the usual output.
It can be found by driverquery w/o any issues.