Windows context menus on drives (using “AppliesTo”)

I’m about to implement a disk shredding software that is also available via a explorer right menu.

I can add this via the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDriveshellShredder key (the “Shredder” is my new key, but by doing so, it is available on all drive letters, even C: (the system drive) or drive letters that point to network drives (where Shredding doesn’t work).

I’m not looking for a way to use the “AppliesTo” key to limit when this entry would be activated, and was thinking something along the lines of:

“AppliesTo”= “System.Volume.isLocalDrive AND System.Volume.IsNotSystemdrive”

but I cannot find any documentation on what’s available.
BitLocker uses something like this: “AppliesTo”=”System.Volume.BitLockerProtection:=6”, but the “System.Volume” itself is nowhere documented, the nearest I came was

The Bitlocker method is shortly mentioned in (section Getting Dynamic Behavior for Static Verbs by Using Advanced Query Syntax), but nothing more.