windows – Enable disabled usb ports

I have been having a problem with my built-in camera and i start to think that maybe its a usb port issue..

I think, maybe, 4 years ago i disabled on windows the usb port of my camera… I dont remember for sure if and what i did. but maybe i did it in the interface of windows.

Currently on my computer i have only Ubuntu 20.04.

I have a few questions:

  • is there a way to find out the status of that usb port?
  • is there a way to enable it through Ubuntu?

I’ve had this issue since 4 years, so i got to google it quite a lot. I tried all the Ubuntu answers, and nothing worked, but there were a few cases where getting the camera to work on windows solved the problem on Ubuntu as well, and a few where turning back on the usb port required windows..
following these clues:

  • Would installing a vm of windows – could i renable the usb port
  • or i have to install proper windows on my computer?

Thank a lot for any answers :]