windows – How to make a 1:1 image copy with DISM

I’ve recently taken over a much neglected infrastructure project and I need to create a master image for cloning to an army of NUCs. Previously they used a physical drive cloner, but the master image is old and the cloner itself is flaky. So I need to build a system.

What I’d like to do is make a generalized wim image that I can easily deploy to everything. I’ve been able to create a modified wim and it works when installing it on a new system. But doing so, I still end up having to go through the OOBE process, even though the user account is already on the system. So my question, is it possible to do an install or flash of an image without having to deal with the OOBE? Or can I cut out the install all together and write to the partition?

Info about these systems: They’re mid-tier NUCs which will all need to have an identical image and which the same AD user account will be used. I’d like to get them to the point where all I need to do is load them, change their name and add them to the domain. Is this doable or is it outside the scope of what DISM can handle? Is there a better method?