windows – Is it possible to use D2XX to interface with a non-FTDI device?

This is on Windows 10.

In my project we previously used D2XX to interface with a FTDI USB-to-Serial device. It worked great.

Now we introduced an additional USB-to-Serial device, but I’ve just realized that it wasn’t actually a FTDI device. It appears as a generic Microsoft “USB Serial Device”:

enter image description here

So of course the FTD2XX library does not recognize it and it does not come out when we enumerate connected devices through FT_GetDeviceInfoList.

The D2XX interface is a proprietary interface specifically for FTDI devices.

I am aware that the straightforward fix is to not use D2XX for this device, but rather the generic Windows Fileapi interface.

However, to reduce code duplication, I am wondering if there is a way to “wrap” the generic driver so that we can interface to it using the FTD2XX library?