windows – Lazarus How to make Music Loop

I was working on a tool using Lazarus IDE which starts external batch scripts to do things (I’ve been told that I can implement those thigns in Lazarus itself but I’m sticking with Batch scripts since I can change them in the future if I need to). Some config-entries are written to a .ini-file.

For example I have two scripts for two different languages (let’s call them english.bat and german.bat). With a TButton in Lazarus it changes the entry in my .ini file and then starts a batch-file called changeLang.bat and this is where I need help.

My changeLang.bat should check the entry in my .ini-file (there is a line (line 3) which either says lang=ger or lang=eng) and start the respective script (if lang=ger start german.bat / if lang=eng start english.bat).

The only Problem I have is I’m not sure how to read the third line in my .ini-file and set the conditions for both cases.