Windows Registry – How to get notepad.exe the current date format of the system

I've been trying to figure out how Notepad.exe can save the current system date format in the Windows registry without accessing the registry.

I have a filter on the HKCU Control Panel International Key in the registry with the Process Monitor tool to determine whether Notepad.exe accesses the registry or not

I tried the steps below

  1. Notepad open

  2. Process monitor started

  3. The registry editor has been opened and the value of the sShortDate subkey changed
    in the registry (HKCU Control Panel International)

  4. As expected, the process monitor shows that the HKCU Control
    The registration key "Panel International" has been accessed by the Registry Editor
  5. Activate the Notepad window and press the F5 key to insert the current one
    Date and Time
  6. A date in the new date format is inserted in Notepad

I had expected Notepad to access the HKCU Control Panel International key for the latest date format. It does not seem to be accessible

I want to know how Notepad gets the date format without accessing the registry

I want to use this information in another project where accessing the registry takes a long time

Thanks in advance for all the tips