Windows – Routing IP over a NIC if it exists in multiple NIC networks

This is now my network setup, and unfortunately it's set in stone (IP addresses have been changed to protect the innocent):

CONTROLLER + --- NIC1 ----> PC1 (
+ --- NIC2 ----> PC2 (

PC1 and PC2 There are two different physical machines, each located on a different network running two interfaces REGULATOR, The two never see each other.

My requirement is to determine if PC2 is executed with a ping package, but every time I try to send it offline with the computer, it is sent to PC1 and return that it lives.

I tried to add a permanent route to the website NIC2 Interface with metric 1 on this specific IP ( netmask, but that did not help at all. I think it is because the two gateways also have the same IP.

I then tried to add another consistent route NIC1 With Gateway (also I would think I just drowned out these packets. That did not work either, the pings kept going PC1, and a tracert showed me that the first hop is the gateway hostname of the first network.

Unfortunately, I am a software guy and my expertise has quickly reached its limits – I have no more ideas. How do I resolve this without changing the affected IP addresses?