windows – saving get-ChildItem output in variable using batch script

for some reasons I cant use powershell, so I call powershell cmdlets from batch script
in powershell I can save output in variable like this:
$Folder1 = Get-childitem “C:Folder1”

in batch I call that command like this:
powershell -Command “Get-childitem “C:Folder1”

I want to save output in variable and I dont know how to make it work, tried this:
set myvar= powershell -Command “Get-childitem ‘C:Folder1′”
set /A myvar= powershell -Command “Get-childitem ‘C:Folder1′”

echo %myvar% doesnot print out anything,
I need to save get-ChildItem output in variables to later compare/diff two different folders