windows server 2016 – How to Configure Sync Center / Offline Files within a IIS Shared Configuration Environment to sync when user is logged off?

We’ve been scratching our heads at this and we are not sure if this is a design limitation of sync center or are missing something on our server.

Our environment consists of a cluster of WS2016 boxes and we have enabled offline files on each server to store a local copy of the shared configuration from the specified share path, have configured the cache to read only and configured a schedule to sync every minute.

While the user is logged in the schedule works fine – so as our next step we updated the sync center hidden task schedule to have it run whether the user is logged in or not within Task Scheduler -> microsoft -> windows -> sync center -> {userguid} -> {syncguid}

The result is that if the user is logged off it does not run and if others users (view) this task that log into this server it reports either (access denied) or an (identity issue).

Our configuration changes periodically and we want to make sure the cache is always up to date in case our remote share goes done is there a way to get this running while the user is logged off?

Also as a side question is it possible to enable all users to see the configured partnership within sync center as it’s invisible to other users?

Best regards and thank you for you efforts.