windows – Would I get myself in over my head if I did this?

I have a good home network up and running that has good speeds and coverage of the house and yard.
My sister-in-law, B, works for a dentist office that is in need of a dire need of a server and workstation upgrade. The server is a Win7 box with mostly win7 workstations and a couple win10 added over the last couple of years.
I know the win7 boxes are obsolete as far as wiping and installing win10. I have been unofficially asked about doing the upgrades and may turn into officially ask if I can say that I can do it.
This office has about 5 computers that will be connecting to the server plus an x-ray machine and say two more in case I missed something.
I have slightly more than average networking knowledge but I have never setup or ran a server or a NAS.
In your opinion, would I be getting in over my head if I tried to do this?
I know there is a lot about networking that I don’t know. I’m just scared about putting the whole record database on an ftp server with admin/admin credentials.