wiredtiger – How does wired tiger writes changes in mongodb?

Been trying to get the very basics of how wiredTiger (WT) works in MongoDB. But the docs are very poor on this matter. This is what I got by bits:

  • Write operations are buffered in-memory
  • Memory is flushed every minute. Creating a checkpoint of data
  • WT uses write ahead (?) logging system to an on-disk journal file
  • Journal entries are first buffered in memory
  • then they are sync to disk every .1 seconds

I’m very beginner on this, and this is my interpretation of the terms:

  • any write operation is buffered in ram, but the operation itself is logged very .1 seconds from memory to disk (journal file).
  • The results of operations are instead written every minute and made persistent on disk (this is my guess of “checkpoint of data”)

I’m just checking if this interpretation is correct at a high level, and if you know any extra details or literature to get a better idea.