wireless networking – PC cannot connect to multiplayer games that use third party servers

This is very difficult to explain, but I cannot play multiplayer on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Borderlands 3. Every other multiplayer game works, and the things that these 2 games have is that they both launch off one companies platform (CoD launches off battle.net 6, and Borderlands 3 launches off Epic games) then they have to connect to another companies servers (CoD uses activision servers and Borderlands 3 uses shift servers). I have contacted all of the companies and they all blame each other, none of them have provided any working solutions. Here is what I have tried:

Ensuring both games are allowed through firewall

Using wired connection

Using wireless connection

Restarting Modem, Router

Allowing lasse.exe through firewall

Reinstalling both games

Ensuring both games and the platforms they launch from are up to date

Clearing Cache for both games

Flushing DNS

Unlinking and relinking accounts (ie. Battle.net 2 linked to Activision account)

I am unsure what else I can try, and I haven’t really found anyone online with this same issue across all games that have servers that function like this. I am starting this thread in hopes that someone has encountered this issue in the past and has a solution or someone who is more experienced in networking has a potential solution.