wireshark – TP-Link wifi dongle in monitor mode keeps stopping abruptly

I am scanning my own network-router but since I am in monitor mode I also have a few at whats going on in the rest of my appartment building. Very interesting all those packages!
This is for educational purpouse only.

I am using a TP-link TL-WN722N in monitormode.
And use wireshark for sniffing.

Al is wel when I start scanning but somehow, at night, wireshark stops.
I have been repeating the procedure for scanning two times now with the same result.
And I don’t know why, since I’m not yet understanding all of whats going.
But there should be no reason for stopping.

My suspission goes out to my (hacker) neighbour who has been a pain in the past.
Could he be using a Wifi jammer or such to kick my dongle? Is this possible?
Some counter kind of counter attack?

I have been doing some general online googling but can’t seem to find such a thing.

Can anyone help me out?